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To Enroll for Salem:
Download Registration form and send to:
     Thelma English
     5867 Westlake Loop N.
     Keizer OR 97303

To Enroll at NCCA:
1. Visit to view and access the ollowing forms.
2. Download and read Student Standards and Procedures.
3. Download Medical Consent Form (all students) and Immunization Form (new students only). Visit our website for instructions.
4. Submit forms with $15.00 per student administrative fee to Basic Skills.
5. Once fee and forms are received, request Enrollment Forms from Basic Skills – mail one form per student with nonrefundable deposit to
teacher’s address: Thelma English, 5867 Westlake Loop N, Keizer OR 97303

For other locations please contact us @

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WHEN YOU SIGN UP to access audio you receive 60 to 64 hours of recorded instruction from a live classroom. The audio is divided into 32 weekly sessions to accommodate one school year. The suggested schedule (included) suggests a three-week Christmas break and a one-week Spring Break. The classes run from early September through late May but can be taught from any beginning point which allows 32 weeks of instruction. Users simply download audio and materials for one session at a time as they need it.

Thelma’s materials can be used by individuals for self-directed studies, home educators, or by classroom teachers who desire to incorporate Thelma’s materials into their own classrooms. Instructors are welcome to use Thelma’s materials in their own classrooms. Individuals are welcome to use materials at home or in small home groups. Small home groups require individual families to pay for access to materials. A home group leader with six or more students may access materials for his/her own students for free. Thelma suggests that students meet weekly in a home classroom setting to encourage accountability. Suggested sessions are 2.25 hours; two one-hour audio sessions with a 15 minute break. Contact Thelma about further group discounts.

Signing up also gives you access to all class materials. These materials include PowerPoint presentations, whiteboard photos, exams, exam answers, quizzes, answer keys, structured notes when applicable, study guides and answer copies when applicable, handouts, etc.

Audio access for each of Thelma’s classes is $120: American Lit Survey, British/English Lit Survey, Classical Lit Survey, and Shakespearean Lit Survey. Materials are divided into weekly chunks that users download as they need them. All that you need is in that week's section of the web site. You have access to all 32 weeks anytime you like. There is a 300-page + syllabus that is essential to the course (supplementary reading: book articles, magazine articles, newspaper articles, reference pages). Your syllabus options include reading it online or having it printed yourself. It is posted as a large pdf file at the web site.

The current courses available for purchase are:


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