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Survey of English/British Literature

BRITISH LIT SURVEY has 32 weekly PowerPoint presentations that make it into an audio-visual learning experience. This class includes multiple structured notes sets, study guides, quizzes, and exams. An exact weekly outline of instruction is listed in the Schedule. The five-page Schedule provides a complete overview of Thelma’s British Lit program. The British Lit audio overview provides an introduction to Thelma’s emphasis on shifting worldviews. The list of required texts is in the Book list with a suggested online source. Students may purchase texts anywhere they wish but Exodus Provisions has made book ‘bundles’ available at a slight discount to Thelma’s students (see link in Booklist).

With access to audio you receive 60 to 64 hours of recorded instruction from a live classroom. This means the audio includes an introductory prayer, a student reading aloud a weekly devotion (from Thomas A’ Kempis’ “Imitation of Christ”), and occasional interruptions to answer student questions. The audio is divided into 32 weekly sessions to accommodate one school year. The suggested schedule (included) suggests a three-week Christmas break and a one-week Spring Break. The classes run from early September through late May but can be taught from any beginning point which allows 32 weeks of instruction. Users simply download audio and materials for one session at a time as they need it.

Many users have requested that I prepare audio lectures in a controlled, studio environment, much like Teaching Company audio lectures. That may become reality at a later date but for now you are welcome to join me ‘as is’ with the additional benefit of the excitement generated by a classroom.

Unique to British Lit are Thelma’s own materials which highlight shifting worldviews. Reference materials, including a Glossary of terms and definitions, are part of the 430-page pdf syllabus. The syllabus may be printed from the web page. Audio access is $120.

Additional suggestions include Kenneth Branaugh’s DVD “Much Ado About Nothing” for Session 11. This is available at most libraries and video stores. The Teaching Company audios by Seth Lear, “Life and Writings of John Milton” are also valuable for those who wish a more in-depth study of Milton and his works.

Survey of English/British Literature

  • 60-64 hours of downloadable lectures
  • 32 downloadable PowerPoint presentaions
  • Multiple sturctured notes sets, quizzes, and exams
  • Weekly outline
  • 430 page PDF syllabus

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Price: $120
Shipping: no charge
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